NetGong Version 7.82 Free trial

Manage and Monitor all the devices on a particular network by simple, and cost effective tool increasing your overall work efficiency

Are you a network administrator or someone who provides internet service to people? If yes, then you have a lot of work to do in managing the network or the service you provide. Also, monitoring of the processes, so that they always run smoothly is also a big deal.
NetGong is a tool which allows one to keep track of the services or the network processes easily, at any place they are, and lets them know by sending them e-mail or message if any problem occurs.
The tool is easily available, cheap, easy to understand, simple and works 24/7. This means that one can get round the clock coverage of the network and in case of any failure, it will immediately start sending alerts to the service provider by ringing an alarm, emails, or texting them.
This tool is very beneficial for network service providers as it allows them to work efficiently, thus increasing their value before their customers.
With NetGong, people can manage a single device or a group of devices very easily. It depends on the size of their business and responsibilities which one has in such an organization.
Key features include:
• Allow separate monitoring of different devices
• Alerts in case of failure of all individual devices
• Alerting can be customized
• Automatically starts when system is started
• Also provides security benefits
• Reports in HTML format and much more
The software is available in many versions, unique features of the latest version includes:
• Web Server is Improved
• Compatible with windows 8.1
The system to alert authorized personal is improved
Users come first